Back from the Dead

June 12, 2009

Lazarus (free mp3) available here.

Photo: “The Surgeon,” by Luke Robinson. Click the image to visit his Flickr page and read the license for this image.

the shape of the universe

the shape of the universe

It will all make sense if and when you read my pages…

I’ve decided to scan and offer yet another (significantly longer) notebook of random lyrics. Please feel free to use them, if you’d like. Or print them and leave them on the coffee table for your kids to draw on with crayons. Ha! But hey – if you remix anything, let me know so I can hear what you make. Thanks!

The PDF is hosted at the Internet Archive.

P.S. Check out “the great divide” on jamendo… And there’s more in the works as we speak! Woo!

  Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO

Just recorded a new song, “Seven Sisters,” for your downloading and listening pleasure. You can get it via opsound, or directly from where I am currently hosting it (at my google site). You can also download this song from the internet archive. Thanks for listening – and enjoy!